How To Enable Alerts in My VikingCloud (MVC) Portal

Step 1: Log into My VikingCloud portal at:

Step 2: In upper right corner, either: a) click on your user name then click 'Profile', or b) click bell icon then click the Settings cogwheel icon.

Step 3: On the new Profile Manager browser tab that opens, click on the 'Settings' tab on top

Step 4: Click 'Notifications' tab on left. This opens up the table for enabling certain notifications + alerts via email or text/SMS. 

Step 5: Click the slidebars to enable/disable certain alerts. You can also click the 'All' row in the table to enable all Email and/or all Text alerts. 

NOTE: If you enable any text alerts, you will get an initial opt-out disclaimer text message (if you have valid phone # set up in your Profile settings)


That's it! You're all set.


Below is a link to the guide:


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