Firewall and SIEM-FIM Notifications/Alerts in My VikingCloud (MVC) Portal


One of the My VikingCloud portal’s ( exciting new features is notifications and alerting (email + text).  Effective this Thursday, May 31,  we will be releasing notifications and alerts for firewall availability, logs/no logs, config changes, and critical + high IDS/IPS events in the My VikingCloud portal.  As such, you will need to be setup as a user in the My VikingCloud portal in order to receive them.  If you are already set up as a user, no further action is required other than going into the portal’s Notification settings to enable alerts (details below).  


For detailed information on how to access and setup notifications and email/text alerts in the My VikingCloud portal, please read the below user guides:


If any questions, please contact NuArx support desk at 877.556.8279 or




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