LTE Failover Usage FAQs

Below are some questions and answers around VikingCloud's LTE Failover Usage notifications and widget in the My VikingCloud (MVC) portal.

Q: What should I do if I receive a data usage notification?
A: Contact your ISP to ensure that your primary Internet service is functioning properly.

Q: Why did I receive a 100% usage notification without receiving a 50% or 75% usage notification?
A: NuArx receives usage information on a nightly basis from our wireless providers. If you primary Internet service has been down for more than 24 hours it is possible that you have used 100% of your data allowance since the last update.

Q: How can I increase my data allowance?
A: Contact your account manager at to increase your data allowance.

Q: What is data pooling and how can I get it?
A: Data pooling, if purchased, allows a Customer to combine their site’s data allowances into a single pool to be used across all sites. All Customer Sites must have the LTE Failover Services in order to qualify for data pooling. For more information contact your account manager.
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